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This page is going to be used as something of a recommended reading list. Basically it will be a list of books I have read and enjoyed, and would suggest are worth a read. Being a historian this list will inevitably house many history related books, although, it is hoped, over time, that many books on a range of subjects will be included in this list. The books listed will not be done in any particular order, but I shall try to give a brief blurb about the book, and its current cost on Amazon.

Mud, Blood and Poppycock – Gordon Corrigan, 2003, buy it from £0.95. This is a very interesting read, despite what some of the ignorant reviews on the Amazon page may suggest. It does, successfully in my opinion, overturn, or at least combat, many of the myths of the First World War as the author works his way through the various misnomers relating to the war. My reservations lie not so much in the information, but in the almost haphazard “stream-of-conciousness” manner in which the author writes. Well worth a read though, despite this.

A Long Walk to Freedom – Nelson Mandela, 1995, buy it from £0.89. As one of the most important freedom fighters and statesmen of the 20th Century, his own account of the struggles he faced and overcame is a fascinating insight into the man behind the public image. Lacking little knowledge of the South African problems when I first read this, I truly got an image of a great man. Whilst he naturally glosses over to some extent the 27 years behind bars on Robben Island, the politics and injustice which he combatted are vividly brought to life by this poignant account.

The Innocent Man – John Grisham, 2007, buy it from £0.01. This account of the flawed American legal system and the problems it creates when the wrong people are in charge is made more appaling by the fact that this is non-fiction. I have mentioned this book before, so will not say any more than that. I recommend you read this.

Lord of the Flies – Wiiliam Golding, 1954, buy it from £1.25. This tale explores what it is to be a human, and shows how easily corruptable the species is when gripped by paranoia, fear, and basic instincts. The Amazon blurb says that the book remains as “relevant today as when it was first published”, and it’s hard to disagree.

1984 – George Orwell, 1948, buy it from £2.99. If you do not know about this book, you are either brain dead, or incredibly ignorant. If you haven’t read it, more is the pity. A permanent fixture amongst the top 10 books of all time, this depiction of humanity is startling, frightening and becoming more and more real.

To Kill a Mockingbird – Harper Lee, 1960, buy it from £1.80. Another absolute classic novel, depicting life in the sleepy, dusty deep-south of America. Following three young children, the author explores the ideas of justice, racism, and logic in this stunning work.


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16 05 2008

Germinal by Emile Zola, offers a brutal account of a mining community in 19th century France. Bloody good read for non-socialists, essential reading for socialists.

26 03 2010

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