4 09 2009

So I’ve written a far from grand total of six posts in two months, less than I wrote in June alone. I can only really apologise for the considerable lack of blogging on my part, and vow to improve my blogging rates once again when I find some time. This may well occur this weekend as I have the house to myself and very little to do for the first time in a long while.

In my defence, there hasn’t been anything really that has gripped me in the news of late. Yes, there was that Jaycee thing in America, and the ongoing saga relating to Michael Jackson, the Chelsea transfer embargo imposed by FIFA, more soldiers dying in Afghanistan, exam results, Gordon Brown’s continuing bumbling, and the Lockerbie thing, but nothing really stood out. I may venture into the realms of fantasy for my next few posts simply because there is nothing really gripping in the news at the moment.

By the way, does anybody remember swine flu?


Condensed Blogging…

18 06 2009

In other news, the Cowfield will now be available on Twitter. This is for two reasons, firstly, I was curious about it. Despite my reservations with it, I thought I might test it out anyway.

Secondly, it provides me with an opportunity to write my smaller thoughts on any given news. Thoughts that do not warrant a full blog, but I would still like to throw out there…

Simply search for www.twitter.com/thecowfield.

A month is a long time…

9 03 2008

So The Cowfield is one month old. Lots has happened in that one month, both in my life, and in the wider world. I’m not sure I’m the same naive, foolhardy person I was a month ago. I am sure that as a person I fall somewhere between the ‘realist’ and the ‘idealist’ category, more probably landing on the latter side.

In terms of a blog output I have been writing more than I ever used to, just to make sure the field stays fresh with opinion on local and national topics for those of you who actually still read this. I have added certain things to the site, including the ‘quote of the day’ and ’causes’ pages, the latter being things which are important to me. This list will, I’m sure, keep growing as things cycle in and out of my recognised conciousness.

There are, as with many things, still things I want to sort out (small things that I only notice when I re-read the blogs- spelling, grammar etc) in order to make this as good as possible.

And there are plans in the pipeline too, I am considering inviting some people to ‘guest’ blog at some point, but that is just a hope at this stage. I am also thinking of developing a further page of the blog to look at things which interest me outside of sport and politics. As those ‘avid’ readers will know I am fond of Robert Frost’s poetry, and am considering starting a page with some form of comment upon various works from various poets. But only when the time allows. It might not even be poetry, a discussion of books and authors too could be an interesting thing to pursue, an online book-club if you will. These are still being considered at the moment though.

The important thing to consider from all this is the readers. A small but growing readership was an inevitable consequence of branching out into the world of blogging by myself, and I hope that this will continue to grow over the coming months. If you like what I write, or even if you don’t, I encourage you to link to my blog so I can read what you are saying about various things. In essence, spread the word of The Cowfield.

But the one thing I would love to see more of is debate. I hope that through my writing I say some things which may be controversial to some people. I would love to be a stimulus for a topical debate on any given subject, and I would love to see more interaction on a wide range of topics, from sport, to politics, to the monarchy to poetry.

This first month has been good. But there is much more to come I hope!