17 12 2008

2008 has been an interesting year punctuated by various disappointments. Here I will look at the things which I have been disappointed with over the course of the past year.

Slated Film: –

Quantum of Solace. Whilst there may have been worse films, this is, I feel, one of the biggest let-downs. Whilst Daniel Criag was praised by critics for reinventing Bond in Casino Royale, Sean Bean’s quip in Goldeneye seems apt in regard to the latest offering: “No glib remark? No pithy comeback?”. The point is that whilst Craig has made Bond into some super-strength hero, he has lost what made Bond special. Bond is a womaniser, a chauvinist, loyal and intelligent; that’s why the public love him. Craig’s Bond is lacking in the very dislikable qualities which make Bond so likeable in the first place. Craig is very much more like Jason Bourne than James Bond. We want him to order a Vodka Martini, “shaken, not stirred”. We want him to sleep with the Bond girl, and we want him to save the day, with some quick witted remarks laced with innuendo thrown in for good measure. We don’t want him fighting his way through an hour and a half for the sake of drama, some plot is better than none at all. Oh, and we want an insane meglomaniac bad-guy too, not some wet-behind-the-ears foreigner as Dominic Greene was. I think we have learned now that a rolling plot through films hasn’t worked, and sticking to the tried and tested formula of a new plot for each film is still the way to go.

Slated Album:-

Perfect Symmetry – Keane. As a huge Keane fan, I will admit that I have been left a little disappointed by their new album. The mournful songs of ‘Under the Iron Sea’ and ‘Hopes and Fears’ have been replaced with bouncier tunes, and this isn’t a good thing in my opinion. The first single, “Spiralling” is a grower, and whilst my opinion of it has improved, I would still rather listen to “Bedshaped” or “The Frog Prince”. There are a few good songs on the album, but this doesn’t compensate for the album as a whole.

Slated Single:-

I could slate many many songs, anything by any TV manufactured band, anything by a gangster rapper, anything remixed into a dance tune. I won’t as that’s like shooting fish in a barrel. Instead my slated song is “Rockstar” by Nickleback. As someone who owns the two first Nickleback albums (the first bought on the merit of “How You Remind Me” alone), I have grown so hugely frustrated by a lot of their new releases. They seem to be everywhere at the moment. The trouble is that you can barely distinguish between songs, and Chad Kroeger’s voice is very grating. This song pips others in my opinion due to the fact it has become the noise of a sofa advert too. Which makes it even more annoying than it was already.

Slated Sporting Moment:-

As England failed to qualify for the European Championships last year, my sporting moment is closer to home. In May the Wolves finished 7th in the Championship, which itself was a disappointment given the finish of the previous season, but to lose out on goal difference was all the more galling. To lose out by a goal difference of 1 to “Hoofball” Watford was very difficult to stomach.

Slated News Story:-

The recession. As a recent graduate, finding a job in an economic climate that is going down the pan was hard work. Keeping the landlord off my back, and food in my stomach has proven to be hard work. The economic climate has affected the world, and I’m feeling the pinch.