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17 01 2010

Just a quick pointer to another blog, again. The “Today I Found Out” blog is a great read, as well as pretty informative and answering some of lifes many questions. Check it out, you might learn something!



23 12 2009

Just a really quick pointer to a new link added to the BBC History magazine’s blog. It’s worth a read as it invites articles from various public historians (including, at the moment, Dan Snow on the gluttony of Christmas). Have a look, the link is on the right.

New Link…

25 11 2008

Normally I don’t blog about adding a new link, but this is my way of self publicising my new blog. Whereas The Cowfield will still be my vehicle for venting my views about the news, The Written Word will be a more sedate place that looks at all things literature (and poetry). It will hopefully become a forum for discussion on a range of different works with contributions from people who aren’t me. Having only just gone live, The Written Word is rather light on content at the moment, but check back soon when I hope to have a few more posts up there and hope to have invited people to contribute.

Ed: If you would like to contribute, leave me a message. You will have to be a member of WordPress first, so set up an account, and tell me the email you used to sign up with.