Time and again…

21 07 2010

The trouble, it seems, with balancing a near-enough full-time job with weekly volunteering and dissertation reading and writing; is that inevitably something else must suffer. It turns out that blogging is that thing. Consequently when BP lose a bit of oil in an ocean somewhere, or a gunman goes crazy and runs around for a week before killing himself, there is no comment on here. Which really is a pity.

The silence has only been broken today in a snatched ten minutes before I scurry off to work to apologise for the lack of activity. Life, it seems, has a really annoying habit of getting in the way of the virtual world of blogging, and the generation of self-opinionated remarks about the impact of the coalition on Britain thus far, or why Spain rightly won the World Cup.

However, much easier than writing is reading, and rising out of the ashes of the Golden Strawberry is the Paperback Rioter. Initially conceived as a General Election blog, it has naturally evolved since then to be a generally interesting take on left-wing politics, cricket and much more. Go, give it a read.

Oh, and hopefully, within the next few days/weeks/months there should be some new stuff on here for you to read. If not, try the back catalogue, I always find it sort of interesting to read thoughts about stories from a couple of years ago.


Growing Up…

22 12 2009

The good thing about blogging is that you can find out what people have searched for in order to arrive at your site. For me this causes much merriment as at the moment I am receiving hits from people searching for “bobcats for sale” and, perhaps even more bizarrely, “comebacks for innuendos about sausages”. I cannot recall ever having posted about either of those subjects, directly or otherwise. Of course I welcome the readers, but am afraid that having arrived at the ‘Field looking for bobcats you may leave disappointed. Naturally I will tag this post with both ‘bobcats’ and indeed ‘sausages’, meaning that you are more likely to arrive here and read this post and be disappointed than you were before. It’s something of a catch-22.

Anyway, onto the real point of why I wanted to blog today when I’ve found a few spare minutes. I was in the pub last night chatting with a mate about many a thing and we moved onto, roughly, the idea of growing up, and how much we’ve grown up since both the first year of university, and indeed, since we have graduated. For me this is brought home by what I considered important then, and what I think of it now.

Take BULS for example. I hadn’t checked their blog for roughly six months until about a week ago, and aside from the painful new layout, the quality seemed to have tailed off into nothingness. Having checked it again today to see if this had improved, I instead find an appeal from the only current writer it seems asking where the conservative opposition which once lit up the comments on pretty much every article has now gone. I think the point is that the writer isn’t producing enough to keep people caring, nor is the style, written and otherwise, particularly appealing.

However, whereas once upon a time I would have had online debates on any given subject on both this blog, and the BUCF site, now I feel a sense of something else. It is a mixture of sympathy and pity. The trouble is that the stuff they are writing is the same stuff that can be found, articulated much better, on any number of websites, or in any number of newspapers. Thus their writing seems almost pointless. Obviously I remain encouraged that people are engaging with politics, and at university is a good place to develop and stimulate political opinion, however it is their continuing sense of self-importance which makes me feel sorry for them. They are small fry, part of a blogging statistic rather than the significant political player they would like to think they are.

Likewise I now look at the university’s Guild of Students, and think how much time I spent there, as well as the time I’ve spent thinking about how to improve it’s involvement in the university. It’s beginning to seem all a little pointless now though. For all intents and purposes I cannot say, from what I’ve seen, that the Guild as both a building and as an institution has developed significantly since when I first started university, despite all the posturing of the council, the officers and other such folk. The devil, I suppose is the scale of things. Whilst at university these things are the world, they involve everyone and need to be fed by the students in order to live. Once you are outside of this circle though there is this amazing thing called ‘the bigger picture’. You come to realise that your university life, your contribution, was nothing but a pointillist dot on a Seurat canvas.

In the world outside university, it matters not that you contributed to this or that, other than it being a CV filler of course. What matters is the person themself. How university has shaped you is more important than what you did whilst you were there. The lasting effect of ‘you’ is more important than being able to say ‘I wrote for the uni’s paper a couple of years ago’. It was important at the time, but it just isn’t anymore.


4 09 2009

So I’ve written a far from grand total of six posts in two months, less than I wrote in June alone. I can only really apologise for the considerable lack of blogging on my part, and vow to improve my blogging rates once again when I find some time. This may well occur this weekend as I have the house to myself and very little to do for the first time in a long while.

In my defence, there hasn’t been anything really that has gripped me in the news of late. Yes, there was that Jaycee thing in America, and the ongoing saga relating to Michael Jackson, the Chelsea transfer embargo imposed by FIFA, more soldiers dying in Afghanistan, exam results, Gordon Brown’s continuing bumbling, and the Lockerbie thing, but nothing really stood out. I may venture into the realms of fantasy for my next few posts simply because there is nothing really gripping in the news at the moment.

By the way, does anybody remember swine flu?


27 05 2009

Just a quick note to apologise for the lack of blogging activity recently. Apparently being under-employed is surprisingly busy. In between working, volunteering, and studying, I will try to find time to write something more substantial soon. I am hoping this will be tonight, but there is the small matter of the Champions League final that may get in the way. Anyway, here’s a couple of videos relating to the Champions League, about the two best finals: