This is a shameless bit of promoting on my part.

Here are a list of sites highlighting things I believe people should believe in and think about. This will be constantly updated.

The British Legion– remembering the fallen soldiers from all our conflicts should not be a chore or a hassle. It should be something we actively want to do.

Make Poverty History– Having seen some of the conditions in Africa first hand, and having heard many more stories on the news about this issue, I firmly believe in the cause and hope everybody can help eradicate this issue.

Ward and Fontenot– two men who were sent to jail for life by broken American authorities are still there. The real killer of a young woman remains free. The repeated insistence of innocence and completely flawed evidence has not been enough to sanction their release. This is a truly disgusting example of flawed legal operations.

Hope House– I visited this charity when I was about 10. Something stuck with me since then, and it is a cause I firmly believe in.

Barnardos– This charity helped my gran and her sister find homes when they were young. They helped put them into the best homes they could get, and my gran hasn’t looked back since.


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16 10 2013
Bogside Artists

What we have to do is support the cause of freedom of expression and you do that by backing and helping targeted artists like us. You can find out more from

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