Who am I?

Is a question I frequently ask myself.

I am who I am. I think what I think.

I am probably a Liberal Conservative in my political outlook, something which can only be a bad combination!

I love sport, football, cricket, rugby, athletics as well as many more.

My big love though is history. I am a firm believer in learning from the mistakes of the past, and trying to avoid making the same mistakes again. I do also believe that we should recognise the need for fresh mistakes in society, if only so as we can keep learning.

Finally I am also adament that free speech is something which should not be quashed. Even if I disagree with what someone is saying, I am intelligent enough to respect their right to say it.

Things should become clear as I write…


5 responses

1 04 2008
Ryan Castle

Do we know each other?

1 04 2008

I know you Ryan, I was with Cory at the ‘gay schools’ debate a couple of weeks ago…

31 10 2008
Alex M

What is a libreal conservative?

1 11 2008

It means I’m slightly more right wing than, say, Brij, but slightly less right wing than, errm, Hitler.

12 11 2008

Cool, thanks for clearing that up!

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