Time and again…

21 07 2010

The trouble, it seems, with balancing a near-enough full-time job with weekly volunteering and dissertation reading and writing; is that inevitably something else must suffer. It turns out that blogging is that thing. Consequently when BP lose a bit of oil in an ocean somewhere, or a gunman goes crazy and runs around for a week before killing himself, there is no comment on here. Which really is a pity.

The silence has only been broken today in a snatched ten minutes before I scurry off to work to apologise for the lack of activity. Life, it seems, has a really annoying habit of getting in the way of the virtual world of blogging, and the generation of self-opinionated remarks about the impact of the coalition on Britain thus far, or why Spain rightly won the World Cup.

However, much easier than writing is reading, and rising out of the ashes of the Golden Strawberry is the Paperback Rioter. Initially conceived as a General Election blog, it has naturally evolved since then to be a generally interesting take on left-wing politics, cricket and much more. Go, give it a read.

Oh, and hopefully, within the next few days/weeks/months there should be some new stuff on here for you to read. If not, try the back catalogue, I always find it sort of interesting to read thoughts about stories from a couple of years ago.




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