31 01 2010

Here are but two more stories I’ve heard today whilst at the lunch-table. Both serve to indicate the silliness of society.

The first involves my dad. Recently he has been caught speeding, again. Because this is not the first time it’s happened, he has been sent to a ‘speed awareness’ course. His colleague went on the same course last week. Apparently the demographic of those on the course is middle-aged business men, who have been caught speeding as a result of their work, not the boy-racers one might perhaps expect. Anyway, the course is very strict. If you are five minutes late, the course supervisor notifies the police and they automatically slap another three points on your licence. Of course these courses are not widespread throughout the country, but in just a handful of locations, meaning, inevitably, people get stuck in traffic getting to them. Which means they then have to speed to get to a ‘speed awareness’ course to avoid getting points on their licence. Makes sense?

The second story is perhaps more serious, and involves the NHS. Shrewbury hospital is in pretty close proximity to Wales. As such Welsh people use the hospital as it’s the closest to them. Of course the Welsh have slightly different health-care laws to the English. One consequence of this is that they can receive drugs without paying that the English cannot. Which creates the situation whereby you could have two people, sat side by side in a hospital both requiring the same drugs to help with their cancer. One can have them free of charge. The other can’t. Of course my dad knows someone on the wrong side of this. They are having to sell everything they can to have have these life saving drugs. Makes sense? It’s times like this you know that the law is an ass.




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