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28 01 2010

As I’m up earlier than normal on a day where I don’t have to be at work until 3pm (incidentally I’m watching the Australian Open Semi Final between Andy Murray and Marin Cilic); I thought I’d return to blogging, something I haven’t really done for a while (for which I apologise).

Anyway, I’m not a techno-geek. I want to reiterate this. I have a Wii, but got one late, and prior to this had only owned a Nintendo 64, almost a decade ago. My mobile phones haven’t been state of the art, but instead functional. My technology choices have been poor (I owned both a mindisk player and a GameBoy Advance – both inevitably doomed to be superseded very quickly). I still run on an old version of Windows office.

Despite this, the launch yesterday of the IPad from Apple had me drooling slightly. I don’t particularly care if it is a glorified IPhone. I’ve always said I wouldn’t want an IPhone, and I stand by this, but I would like an IPad. To me the IPhone is too large and clunky to be a phone, regardless of all the stuff it can do. The IPad however, isn’t meant to be a phone. I’m not entirely convinced even Apple know what it is meant to be. What it is though is a demonstation of their design capabilities. They’ve created it because they can. Simple.

And it looks good. Sat in the size range between a Mac and an IPhone, but with the same look as the first IPods, the IPad looks smart, sleek, and well designed. It looks practical too, you can carry it around with you (presumably only within your own home or work mind you). The whole range of new apps that have been promised, and will, undoubtedly be delivered, will add to the ‘feel’ of the IPad.

Without network restrictions, like the first IPhones, the IPad is likely to be much in demand, especially as the retail price of $499 is pretty reasonable. I’m looking forward to seeing how much it will cost in Britain, and what the limitations of the machine are (undoubtedly via the net in the next few days). However, it is likely that Apple will have done it again, with another successful development which increases the “I” range. It is simply the next step on the technological ladder. I’m looking forward to seeing one ‘in the flesh’ soon.




One response

29 01 2010

At the risk of appearing very stupid in a few months time, I reckon it’s a bit crap. It’s too big to put in your pocket, too small to work on, and less powerful than a decent netbook. You could read ebooks on it but the screen’s not as easy on the eyes as Amazon’s reader. It doesn’t even have a camera. Essentially, it’s just a lesser iPhone in a larger shell.

As someone else said: It’s a solution looking for a problem.

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