All the Rage…

20 12 2009

So, after weeks of interest, it has finally been confirmed that Rage Against the Machine’s ‘Killing in the Name’ has been named Christmas number one, beating the X Factor winner into second place. And this could not be better news.

Personally I have never even heard Joe McElderry sing. I don’t know if he is good, bad, or merely another sterile voice produced by Cowell’s manufacture pop machine. Nor do I particularly care. The point is that this battle was not about Joe. Nor, really was it about RATM. Instead it was about the people fighting back against Cowell and the X Factor. The months of hype about the pathetic pop battle between people who, for all intents and purposes sound really very similar , is, after so many years, now tired. The artists come out sounding the same. Cowell’s manufactured pop has been a dominant force on the music scene for much of the past decade. And finally the people have had enough.

The success of Rage is a stand against the X Factor dominating the music scene. I’m not sure it will be the last either, as it has now set a precedent. It may not be Rage, but it will give a bit of hope to artists thinking of fighting against Cowell’s musical juggernaut. It also shows that Facebook has the power to influence so many people in such a short space of time.

In short I’m delighted at the result, not because I particularly like the Rage song, but because I dislike the X Factor, and indeed Simon Cowell’s smugness.




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