Road Rage…

11 10 2009

Having not blogged for what feels like an eternity, I felt I ought to do my best in a rare moment of peace to write something.

This rare moment of peace comes after the forty minutes drive home I have from work most days. Tonight’s drive brought a moment of clarity to me. I get road rage. I don’t know why, but, when I’m alone in my car I get incredibly irate with other drivers.

There are numerous reasons why, and I think I should outline a few.

The first problem I have with other road users is their speed. I can appreciate driving slowly in 30 or even 40mph zones. But to continue driving at the same speed on a national limit main road is just frustrating. Then there are the folk who drive at 33mph in a 30 zone. They know the limit is 30 but want to have a certain sense of rebelliousness, so go just over, and then hover at that same speed. Why? Why not simply go the whole hog and speed, or drive accurately at the speed limit? What’s the point of driving at 33mph?

Then there are the good folk who you sit behind at traffic lights. These are the folk who will wait until the very last minute before putting their indicators on and turning. Why? Why not put your indicator on whilst we are sat in the queue and give me some notice that you plan to turn?

This leads me onto those people who simply think the indicator is another knob on the dashboard, not to be messed with. It’s not optional, if you plan to turn, let me know! I’m not a psychic and don’t know if you are planning to turn. It’s not really that hard to flick the switch to let the person behind you know that you’re planning to turn, is it?

There are other problems I have with some drivers, but I cannot be bothered to write about them now. Maybe at some other point. Until then, I think my road rage will continue as there remains some really rubbish road users.




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