Go West…

27 09 2009

Instead of this being some homage to the Village People, it is instead a small commentary on the magnificence of the West Wing, a drama I have been late getting into, but am very much firmly addicted to now.

I am halfway through series four and have tonight watched an excellent ‘personal’ episode entitled “The Long Goodbye”. I will not reveal storylines or anything here, but suffice it to say, it was a very well done piece.

There is however, one thing which annoys me as I sit in my room watching the antics of the West Wing staffers. Well, actually there are many things, but there is one over-riding annoyance. The opening titles are not consistant. And I don’t know why. I understand why certain actors were placed in certain positions within the opening credits, but my concern is that for some characters the titles go “black and white photo followed by moving images taken from the show” and for others the two are reversed. I’m really unsure as to why this is, whether it was a simple case of lazy editing when first the titles were made, or whether there is some greater meaning.

I’m sure in cyberspace somewhere there is someone as sad as me who has picked this up and run with it further than I have. I cannot be bothered to look for such a person/webpage, but I’m sure they are there somewhere. Probably next to “lemonlyman.com” on google’s search results page.




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