4 09 2009

So I’ve written a far from grand total of six posts in two months, less than I wrote in June alone. I can only really apologise for the considerable lack of blogging on my part, and vow to improve my blogging rates once again when I find some time. This may well occur this weekend as I have the house to myself and very little to do for the first time in a long while.

In my defence, there hasn’t been anything really that has gripped me in the news of late. Yes, there was that Jaycee thing in America, and the ongoing saga relating to Michael Jackson, the Chelsea transfer embargo imposed by FIFA, more soldiers dying in Afghanistan, exam results, Gordon Brown’s continuing bumbling, and the Lockerbie thing, but nothing really stood out. I may venture into the realms of fantasy for my next few posts simply because there is nothing really gripping in the news at the moment.

By the way, does anybody remember swine flu?




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