Televise This…

30 07 2009

Apparently, according to Lord Mandelson, our esteemed leader is considering the idea of a presidential style television debate with David Cameron in the build up to the  forthcoming general election. Of course, when this news broke yesterday, Number 10 were quick to distance themselves from the reports. The consequences of such a debate could be disastrous for Gordon Brown and the Labour party.

Don’t get me wrong, I for one would love to see such a debate. It would be, if nothing else, pretty good political tv. The opportunity to see Cameron against Brown in a one-on-one debate is intriguing. Free from the heckles of party backbenchers, this would be more interesting than PMQ’s, with the men on the spot having to think fast, answer convincingly, and remain cool. Obviously the Lib Dems wouldn’t get a say in this, nor would any other political party. This obviously would create the idea that Britain is aspiring towards a two-party state, much like America, which would create a large amount of unrest amongst the smaller political parties.

Nor should it be entertained by members of the Labour party. Brown would, in all honesty, struggle to maintain his composure in such an environment. It has long been rumoured that he has a short fuse, and by being placed, alone, in such an environment, it is possible that this would be exposed. He is not the most engaging public speaker as it is, and the more charismatic Cameron would, I believe, score big points with the voting public in such a debate.

The idea perhaps raises a bigger question though. The issue of how to re-engage the public who feel let down, angered and uninterested in politics is one which will dog all politicians (as well as Esther Rantzen) in the forthcoming months as we build up to the general election. Such a consideration by Brown is an attempt to re-engage the public. Expect more ideas such as this over the rest of the year.




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