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15 06 2009

Hopefully, in one of my rare afternoons off, I will be able to do a bit of blogging, largely to make up for what I haven’t been doing recently. Later on today I will try to post something (hopefully) a bit more thought provoking, but for now I wish to discuss this matter. This will only be a short post simply because there isn’t much I can say about it, other than I agree that it is about time the British rail network was re-evaluated.

There has become an acceptance of the train lines. They run where they run. If one doesn’t pass close to you then you journey to the nearest station, however close that may be. Living out in the countryside, I’m aware of the importance of public transport to local communities, and have been from a young age (catching the local public bus to school every morning means you quickly learn how much of a problem it can be when it is running late, or indeed, not running at all).

There are areas of the country which are not served by the railways. For a society which is, apparently, trying to cut down on the number of cars on the road, surely developing a more substantial train network should be a priority (although making sure that the one that’s already in place works well is also worth worrying about!). Of course, there is a cost/benefit analysis to be conducted (much as Beeching did back in the 60’s), but it should be done again now, as communities have developed from what they were fifty years ago. A once small settlement may have exploded in size in the decades since then, likewise, another place may have shrunk. Whatever the circumstances, it is clear that a revision of the networks should be conducted. This is a joint problem, for government (local and national) as well as rail service providers and Network Rail. The authors of the report have a refreshingly sensible approach to the issue to. They recognise that this will take time, and are not trying to force an issue as much as stimulate discussion on the matter. They have done their homework, and have brought the issue to the fore with a series of sensibly restricted suggestions. I’m optimistic that these ideas will be carried forward, and something more substantial will come of it.

Naturally there are problems to overcome, building rail lines through housing estates, or wildlife protection areas are just two such issues. However these will inevitably be solved in the course of informed, intelligent discussion on the matter. It seems such a refreshing thing to hear in modern society, realistic intelligence. Long may it continue.

As a postscript, if you have downloaded Spotify, search for “sounds of steam locomotives” and brace yourself for a thoroughly exhilarating musical experience. It’s not worth going into how I know about this.




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19 06 2009

Is this the cd we found in York? I’m getting spotify NOW!!!

19 06 2009


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