The Most Impossible Place…

6 04 2009

When I flew to Africa four years ago, I went via Dubai. We spent about five hours in the airport there and it was an amazing experience. The airport is massive, designed as you would expect of anything in Dubai, on a huge scale. My knowledge of the place was non-existant at that time. I knew we were in the ‘east’ somewhere, but I couldn’t have told you what country.

Suffice it to say my knowledge has grown since then, and I have come to view Dubai with awe and fascination. The sheer nature of the projects that are undertaken is testament to human ambition and ability. The vision for the city is staggering, and the look of the projects is amazing. The whole place has an aura of creating impossibility. I have watched countless programmes (usually on Channel 5) about the building of the islands, or the tower, or the golf course, and have come away believing in the creative potential of the human being again. Yes, it is over the top. Yes, it is disgustingly wealthy. But I still maintain it is a fascinating project to witness the evolution of a city from nothing in little over a decade.

Yet there is the side I’ve never thought about too, that of the workers. I don’t know why I’d never thought about them, maybe because in a city that is as wealthy as Dubai, I’d presumed this wealth would filter down somehow. It obviously doesn’t. It was with interest I read this article. I am unable to watch the accompanying programme tonight (there is a rather important football match on), but will watch it when I have the opportunity to. It should be fascinating, and for me at least, enlightening viewing.




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