Pieces and Bits…

15 02 2009

I haven’t got anything substantial to write a blog on, so here are a couple of thoughts for you. The first concerns a term that had been used to find this blog.  In finding The Cowfield someone had searched for “What are two causes that contribute to student apathy”. It’s an interesting question, but limited. Obviously there are a whole plethora of reasons that the average student is apathetic, and there are a whole load of things for the average student to be apathetic about. My first instinct was to assume that the question was relevant to student politics, given that is what I have blogged about previously, but, thinking about it, there is much more that students have to be apathetic about: their course, their careers, their friends, their family. Plus anything else you care to mention. Students, it seems, are naturally apathetic beings. Generally. I’m not quite sure why though. Students are young, fresh, keen, intelligent. Yet lazy. Is there a reason for this? Is it that university students are on their own for the first time, not constrained by parents or teachers? Can they not deal with their own freedom in a responsible manner? Does this lead to them being unwillingly apathetic? I’m not sure, but there could be legs in this idea.

My second ponderance is whether there is really such a thing as “free speech”. I’m finding it increasingly easy to argue that there isn’t. My reason for saying this is simple: you cannot say anything you want. Hence, “free speech” is actually a limited term. You cannot, for example, be racist, or sexist. Or anthing else “-ist”. Thus, the concept of free speech is actually a flawed one, simply because you cannot be completely free if you are operating within social boundaries of race, gender, age etc. Free speech therefore is an idealistic term used to give ourselves a sense of superiority over countries controlled by dictatorships. “We have free speech, we can write or say what we want, we are representative of a fair and democratic society, we must be better than you“. Except that we don’t, do we?




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