7 02 2009

So Jeremy Clarkson has got into trouble again. This time for insulting the PM, the blind, and the Scottish, all in one sweeping statement. Only one of which he did. As a voting member of British society, is Clarkson not allowed to express an opinion? Of course he isn’t because he is part of the BBC (the organisation with charred fingers following a series of high profile gaffes).

The reaction to what he said was grossly over the top. It was interpreted, deliberately, in the wrong way. And he was later made to issue an apology to the various groups he had apparently offended. He insulted the PM. He is not the first, nor will he be the last to say such things about our esteemed leader. It is, apparently, fine for cartoonists to point out Brown’s visual deficiency, or indeed his Scottish heritage, and it not to be interpreted as some form of slur on either the blind or the Scots. As soon as these observations are put into words, suddenly there is uproar. It is, quite frankly, pathetic.

It is symptomatic of our society, in which deliberate misinterpretations of any given statement frequently land the person making such a statement in hot water. It is almost sickening. At some point we will not be allowed to say anything derogatory at all, ever. We will, of course, be deliberately offending some part of society. Which, of course, we won’t be doing. Not that that will matter.

Both the blind, and the Scots need to get off their high horses about this. Clarkson was not insulting them. He was insulting the PM, and I, for one, think he should be allowed to express his view with all the freedom of free speech that our democratic society has given him.




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