Play Mate…

4 11 2008

As I am currently working with christmas gifts (already), I began to wonder at the sort of people who buy the stuff that is sold.

Take Playboy for example. There are various different products with the bunny splashed on, from alarm clocks to thongs. I don’t quite get who buys this though. Let me explain.

If you buy something with a Playboy bunny on it is for one of three reasons. Firstly, you are buying it for yourself. In which case you (presumed female here) are trying to make a statement about your sexual promiscuity whilst actually demonstrating what you think women should adhere to (ie “the playboy bunny with the bleached blonde hair”).

The second option is that you are buying it for a family member (again, I’m making the assumption that you are buying it for a female family member). If this is true, then you are buying it for either your mum (weird, given the connotations), your sister (admitting her sexual promiscuity to yourself, and thereby labelling her as ‘loose’), your cousin, your aunt, or I suppose, your gran. None of which would be easy to explain when, come Christmas, they pull a pink thong out of the carefully wrapped parcel and note it has a bunny’s head on the front.

The final option is that you buy it for a friend. This is more accepted I think, but again I think it speaks volumes about the intellect of the person and their group of friends if they have to buy an image representative of a stereotype that women, apparently, should conform to.

So who does buy it? I can only conclude social cretins, most probably fat women in a desperate attempt to make themselves feel sexy again (and failing).

There are other such retail ponderings (such as the plastic hand with a manually operated middle finger, designed for people who want to flick the finger at someone and are too lazy to use their own – of course the irony is that it is more effort to use the plastic hand) but these are for another time.




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