Telephone Calls…

30 10 2008

As the row about Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross’ antics rumbles on, I am beginning to feel sorry for the pair. Slightly.

Now don’t get me wrong, I do not condone their activities, but to my mind they were just part of a flawed set-up now being scrupulously exploited by the press. I maintain that Brand was always more likely to walk than Ross, simply because, lets face it, Ross is to the BBC what Ant and Dec are to ITV, the bedrock of the entertainment. Brand himself didn’t have to walk, but chose to knowing he had other successful exploits elsewhere to fall back on.

I am willing to be critical of their comments, and critical of the guys who let the show be broadcast. I am critical of the paper who seized upon the story almost a week after the show was aired. I am also critical of the 30,000 or so people who have subsequently complained (jumping on the band-wagon never looked so much fun. Apparently).

Yet today I feel sorry for them. I feel sorry because of this story, appearing in the rag that is the Sun. Their comments were so offensive, apparently, that Ms Baillie is willing to open up to some tabloid nobody about her sexual antics with Brand. For what gain? Revenge? Maybe, partly. Money? Definately.

If closure was wanted in this story, as we were led to believe, why today are we getting interviews which fan the flames even more? In her fifteen minutes, it seems, Baillie wants to cash in as much as possible on her relationship with Brand. It isn’t enough to attempt to destroy a career, but she seems intent on taking his humility as well.

Now I’m not a fan of Russell Brand, I don’t think he is funny, I do think he is a pretentious actor, a fake on screen and a repulsive person off. Yet I do appreciate that the guy has dignity. At least he did. Sort of. Baillie is ensuring that he is quickly losing the respect of fans and fellow celebs alike.

It remains to be seen what Ross’ future is with the Beeb, but rest assured, we won’t be seeing his smiling mug on the TV for a while.




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30 10 2008

I’m finding the whole thing a bit mohammedtheteddybear-iculous, really. I am curious as to whose interest is being served by all this press coverage, Brand, Ross and Manuel’s manky granddaughter are all going to do pretty nicely out of this as “all publicity is good publicity”, generally (unless you’re Gary Glitter, but let’s not go there).

Who else is benefiting from this?

While the news is showing this, we’re not getting adequate coverage on:

1. The de Menezes case. It was reported today, the first occasion that commuters on the train were allowed to speak in court-they weren’t able to last year during the police’s own investigation (what a surprise!) -that there was NO warning from the police officers before they shot the guy seven times in the head and according to witnesses it was not even clear that they were actually police officers. To me it is far more outrageous and offensive than a lewd answer phone message -the police are trying to get away with this (and will most likely do so) so I bet someone there is very happy that Manuelgate is top of the news agenda.

2. The good old credit crunch-unemployment, home repocessions etc are soaring, but Gordon Brown still sees fit to chastise Brand and Ross.

3. A very important election deciding who will become one of the most powerful people on this planet is coming up in…ooo about 6 days, does that not deserve more than third billing in the news?

Is it just me that is finding this worrying? The most read stories according to the BBC at the moment are about “Ross and Brand”, some Man Utd football deal and “Dr Who”. While we’re reading and talking about stuff like this we’re not focusing on the bigger picture, we’re ignoring more serious injustice (like that arrogant sod being released 18 months early for dangerous driving and causing a 2 year old girl to suffer serious and permanant brain injury and paralysis) and not being outraged and things we should.

It’s completely warped.

31 10 2008

spot on, i agree with both of you. I forsee ms Baillie following the Abi Titmuss path, but a bit less successfully; and there are far worse things to be worrying about. Like the quality of the Satanic Sluts dancing, check it out on youtube it is both tame and crap!

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