It’s Remembrance Day dammit…

28 10 2008

This will be short and to the point. I was in the petrol station this morning. Whilst I was there in walked a mother with her daughter who must have been about 5 or 6. It was reasonably busy in the shop. As they wandered around I heard the daughter ask her mother, “why are people wearing those flowers?

The mother’s response was “I don’t really know, but it’s what people do at this time of year.

I was disgusted. I felt like giving the mother a slapping and were it not for the fear of being arrested I think I might have.




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6 11 2008

Good, people are seeing through the warmongering disguised as ‘honouring’ veterans. If the Legion of Scum cared about the troops their slogan would be “never again”, not “support the knuckleheads”

I can tell you’re a brainwashed, dumbed down media zombie, lacking principle or intelligence.

The antiwar people are not all pacifists anymore, in fact I would love to pass-a-fist to your warmongering idiot face, Zionist useful idiot that you are!

You want to support warmongering you fucker? I can see you down on the ground, I can see my boot rising up and it is the last thing you will see.

6 11 2008

“Lacking intelligence”? Seriously? You come on here, mouthing off like it’s big and clever simply because you cannot find a better way of expressing yourself. That seems to be lacking intelligence to me.
Ignorance is not “seeing through” anything. Ignorance is ignorance. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s morally very easy to say never fight in a war again. Unfortunately in this thing the rest of us like to call the real world, such idyllic belief doesn’t really cut it.
I also want to know how you jump from the idea of me paying tribute to those who have died fighting (rightly or wrongly) to guessing that I “support warmongering”? Again, the intelligence is lacking.
People who have died for their country deserve to be respected, that is what the poppy and remembrance day is about. It is not, in any way, suggesting that war is a good thing. My principles, which you accuse me of lacking, are that these people deserve our respect. They deserve to be remembered. They do not deserve to be the tools in ideological battles about war that people such as you insist on making.

6 11 2008

wow you’re the most violent pacifist I’ve come across yet!

9 11 2008

I ask my mum lots of questions and she responds with “I don’t know” or “because they want to” simply because she can’t be bothered to answer at the time.

I don’t this woman you mention was as ignorant as you portray. She was in a busy shop, probably thinking about a million and one different things, and buy saying “it’s remembrance day” would’ve left to whole host of questions that she probably didn’t want to answer at a petrol station.

Give her the benefit of the doubt before advocating slapping her. The level of arrogance you portray of yourself on this blog really really unsettles me.

I don’t know for sure so I might be judging you myself, but I actually bet you £10 that you went to private school!

9 11 2008

and another thing, surely it’s ignorant just to tag this blog under world war one? are you guilty of forgetting the many other conflicts that we remember on this sunday??

9 11 2008

Ok, I’ll admit I should have included other conflicts. That was an oversight on my part.
Given the answer, quoted above, it was obviously more than ‘I’m busy and don’t want to go into this now’ type answer. It was an ignorant answer- I know, I was there.
I also don’t think there is anything wrong with having an opinion about things. That’s what I do, and I try to express this opinion in a generally fair way (I do try to balance my thoughts, and often- although not in this case- try to at least mention both sides of the story, before going on to elaborate which I side with – which is more than can be said for most posts on BULS, but that’s another issue).
I did go to private school, and I’m not going to be made to feel guilty about that. It was the best school in my area. You can, and probably will, make as many generalisations about people who went to private schools as I could make about those who went to state schools. It wouldn’t be worth the time. Yes, my upbringing has had an impact on how I view the world, I challenge you to find anyone who hasn’t been influenced by their formative years. That said, I do come from a strongly Conservative household, and I would like to think (although you may disagree) I am more liberal minded than most of my family and school peers (at least those who have some interest in politics).

10 11 2008

This isn’t about impartiality, it’s about your attitude and ignorance, which has meant that you have judged this woman. If you want to judge her then fine, but advocating giving her a slapping is utterly horrendous. Don’t try and pass this on to your younger years, you are the one to blame and you are responsible for that ludicrous garbage you wrote on that post.

You owe me £10 😉

10 11 2008

I did judge that woman, but she gave me good cause to. I’m still not sure that there was any ignorance on my part, I was there, and from tone, manner etc, it was clear that she genuinely did not know the reason for the poppy. This sort of ignorance is appaling. The ‘slapping’ part of the post was rather tongue-in-cheek, a turn of phrase, which as you seem prone to doing, you took at face value.
Also, you were the one who brought my “younger years” into the whole thing, indeed, my elaboration was merely proving the point which you subsequently repeated back to me, ie, it matters not a jot.
Can you also explain to me why the point of the post was “ludicrous garbage”? I don’t see why it wrong to be angered by sheer ignorance of an event (WW1) and subsequent events which have so shaped our history and heritage. Especially given that comments/articles are being given space in most newspapers at the moment, and that tv programming is showing various things about a conflict which was, arguably, the biggest shaper of Britain in the last century.

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