Respect…to be earned…

1 10 2008

The continuing frustrations with the performance of referees is one which will not disappear following another week of dodgy decisions. The trouble is the FA live in an isolated bubble, far removed from the realities of the world. My big gripe is that managers are not allowed to criticise referees for fear of being handed a touchline ban (thus hampering their team). Referees make mistakes, referees do not apologise for these mistakes. A few bad decisions could ultimately contribute to losing someone their job. I firmly believe that referees should be held accountable for their decisions. They should come out in the media and admit to making a bad call. Managers should also be allowed to question the decisions in their post-match interviews, without the fear of a ban hanging over their heads.

A lot has been written about the respect campaign, but I very firmly fall into the camp that argues respect needs to be earned. It seems no good that referees can continue to make bad decisions, with the only punishment being a demotion to a lower league (which, in itself seems hardly fair on the lower teams). Referees need to be encouraged to hold their hands up and admit to mistakes, and the FA should not be so strict on managers expressing an opinion (the decision to ban Aidy Boothroyd following the ‘phantom goal’ at Reading was an absolute disgrace).

Of course the manner in which the opinion is expressed is important, and mouthing off about a referee is still not good practice, but there should be the right, as a manager (who is ultimately accountable for results) to voice an opinion about the referee, especially if they have just cost them the game- see Gary Megson at Old Trafford last weekend.




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