Mixed Priorities…

1 10 2008

Having previously enquired on BULS about the problems within the Labour Party, only to be accused of single handedly attacking one of the writers, it is with a sigh that I read the latest post to grace their site. The aforementioned writer (who, it must be said, I do not have any personal gripe with) has posted another article on the sex lives of the Tories.

As I see it therefore, based upon his justification (“I simply cannot be bothered“) for not talking about the internal disputes, and resignations of various MP’s a few weeks ago, the only conclusion to draw is that the priorities from the writer are more focussed upon attacking the Tories than considering their own affairs ‘in house’.

To my mind it seems a case of mixed priorities, it reads as though it is more important to criticise the Tories for various minor sex scandals than it is to consider internal rumblings (which, despite an apparently promising conference), will return sooner rather later to my mind. Why not talk about issues, if they are there to be talked about? Likewise discussion of the various things to come out of the Labour conference would not have gone amiss, but instead we are treated to blogs attacking the other parties.

I therefore am left confused, is this really a ‘Labour’ blog, or is it an ‘anti-other-parties’ blog? How much overlap should there be between the two? If I knew the answers, I would be sure to pass them on.

Note: Since this post another two posts criticising the Tories have popped up on BULS, making it 6 anti-other-party posts in the last week. Out of a total of 9. Hmm.




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2 10 2008

The reason we like to hilight Tory sex stories is that they are dead pious about their squeaky clean family values, yet fail to live by the lofty standards they ask of the general public.

The reason we rarely blog about internal affairs are… they actually are boring. As someone more important than me once said… we joined the party to change the world, not the minutes of the last meeting.

2 10 2008

Luke if you want the news you can read the BBC website. If you want the opinion of BULS members go to the website.

And maybe we do not share our opinions of internal Labour party politics to the rest of the world.

3 10 2008

Tom, I did want opinion, that was the point. Unfortunately it was not forthcoming, apparently due to lethargy and boredom…

5 10 2008

Good grief!

9 09 2009
Sandra R

Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. šŸ™‚ Cheers! Sandra. R.

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