Sport Uniting…

7 09 2008

For a long time I have maintained that football is one of the great uniting things in the world. I’m struggling to think of any one other sport which unites so many people. Yes, the Olympics does bring people together, but that’s due to the multitude of sports available. Football, though, is played everywhere. From the slums of Brazil to the dusty villages of Africa, football has the ability to unite people, to inspire people, and to encourage people.

Which is why it is nice to be able to watch Soccer Aid tonight. The match, at Wembley, saw an England XI play a Rest of the World XI. Both sides were comprised of former players and ‘celebrities’. Now, as fond as I’m not of the cult of celebrity, it was great to watch so many people from so many different backgrounds competing honestly, fairly, and with great enthusiasm all for a good cause.

The players, as expected took the match very seriously, and the final result of 4-3 in England’s favour, reflected the attacking and entertaining nature of the match. The players, both former pros and celebrities alike all helped make the match a great spectacle, where the real winner was Unicef.

I strongly believe we should see more things like this from football. In a time where so many people are becoming more and more disillusioned with the frankly disgusting levels of money in the sport, it is great to see that people can gather together for a week, train every day, and then turn out for such a match. More matches such as this would serve to restore a waning faith in football. I just hope that more people can cotton onto the great nature of tonights event, and use it to raise more money for charity.




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