Drinking, a new picture…

2 09 2008

Whilst listening to Radio One’s Newsbeat for the first time in a long while yesterday, I was impressed with the current concern they have with young drinking problems. I wrote about this some time ago now.

What surprised me was the startling figures that Newsbeat gave. Whilst the official figures take into account only alcohol related problems (such as liver disease, or alcohol poisoning), Newsbeat has revealed that actually the figures are much underestimated, especially when other things such as assaults, or other alcohol related injuries are taken into account. The figures rise from 32,000 to 53,000. To me that’s a reasonably big leap.

The figures, at least according to some are still very much an under-estimate. I’m not going to rehash what I said on my previous article, but the article on the subject is here. It’s worth checking out.

Advocates of reducing the drinking limit fail to see the real cost in terms of A&E on a Friday night. They fail to see the “carnage”, they fail to appreciate that many young people cannot handle their drink as well as they would like to think. Watching the videos that accompany the article are illuminating in this regard.

Binge drinking is a problem. There can be no denying this. Reducing the age limit will, I believe, only exacerbate the problem further.




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