27 08 2008

I do not want to discuss at length this whole complicated issue, simply because I cannot be bothered to. As I see it there are too many problems with trying to work out quite what ‘Britishness’ is. Instead I am going to point you in the direction of Monday night’s Panorama. I’ll be honest, the programme itself was a bit simplistic, but I felt that it raised some interesting issues with regard to the issue of what it is to be British. I would suggest as a starting point for thinking about this issue, watching this is as good a way to get ideas as any. It’s available on IPlayer for the next week or so, and the Panorama website is worth checking out as well.

As an aside, I do find it interesting that we (as a collective) can get so enthused with the progress of Andy Murray in tennis, making him “British” rather than “Scottish” because it suits our desire for success, or our Olympians who all represented Britain in Beijing; but we choose to make it “English” or “Scottish” football, or golf. It seems slightly odd that some sports are content to be represented by “Brits”, and some are happy with “English” participants.




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