21 08 2008

There has been talk recently of the growing unemployment figures, and how this is indicative of the bad nature of society, where people are willing to take opportunities to claim various allowances, but do little to actually find work.

As someone who has been claiming such allowances recently, I would just like to lend my voice to the issue, insisting, as I will, that it is actually quite hard to get on the career ladder, especially if you are a graduate who has little clear idea what they want to do. As someone in the position last May, I had been job hunting since early in the year. Obviously this bore little fruit, as I have made at least a couple of appeals on this site for work. Being, as I technically was, unemployed, but paying rent, I felt I had little choice but to claim allowances which could help me pay my way, at least in part.

In the meantime, I was applying for jobs daily, with at least a couple of application forms being completed every day (by the way, do you know how long such forms take to complete? It’s ridiculous). The jobs for which I applied ranged from menial shop jobs to more career-based work. I had a couple of interviews, but got nowhere with them, with one prospective employer telling me it was because I lacked customer experience. I felt like I was in a catch 22, I didn’t have enough experience, but no-one would give me a job to gain experience. Finally, last Tuesday I was offered a shop role until Christmas. Which means I need to continue my search for long term work, but does take some of the heat off of me.

Anyway, enough of my sob-story, the point was that for all the moaning about the state of unemployment in the country, the reality is that it is actually very difficult to find work at the moment. The yearly influx of graduates into the job market, coupled with the economic slowdown has meant that it has become really very difficult to get work anywhere.

Yes, there are people who sponge off the state. Many of them have good reason for it though. It is those who claim various allowances but then fail to do anything to really help themselves who are the problem.  It is my feeling that the issues should not be reduced into a generic, negative title of “unemployed on benefits”, because case’s vary. I know I was actively seeking work, and still am, but many do not, and are happy to take the handouts. It is these people who are still the problem.




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21 08 2008
Randy Nichols

Nice writing style. I look forward to reading more in the future.

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