Break a Leg…

3 07 2008

Whilst filling in yet another application form for a job, I was struck by a bit of the small print (which you should always read folks). It said “If you have a disability you are guarenteed an interview if you meet the essential requirements of the job as set out in the person specification”. This really annoyed me.

Looking through the person specification, the essential bits are comparatively simple things: “A good level of education”, “Experience of using local websites” and “Experience of working directly with the public”. As I read these things, I knew that I could tick all the boxes. However, because I am not disabled, I am not guarenteed an interview, and therefore may not be selected for the role. Which I think is hugely unfair.

Would it not be better to say something along the lines of, “if you can prove you fulfill all these requirements, we will guarentee you an interview”? With all application forms, there is a section about discrimination, you have to say what ethnicity you are, and whether you have a disability, as well as providing your gender. Now I understand why this is needed, but when there is small print like the above one, you cannot help but wonder if this whole idea of ensuring equality perhaps is having an adverse effect, and is actually serving to perhaps discriminate against those run-of-the-mill type individuals such as myself? Why can I not be guarenteed an interview if I fulfill all the criteria, but those with disabilities can? I almost feel as though I’m the one being discriminated against because I am not disabled in any way, shape or form.




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11 07 2008

As if to add to this, I was talking to my dad about this issue recently and he told me that, as an employer, if he interviewed three candidates (with the same qualities) for one job, one was a black male, one was a white man, and the other a white woman, government guidelines on discrimination mean that he would actively have to discriminate against the white male. Interesting, isn’t it?

14 07 2008

Disabled? no.
Unusually short? Yes.

14 07 2008

Seriously though, I understand what you’re saying about “positive discrimination”- I have filled in lots of application forms for some extremely lousy jobs (“must have 3 gcses”) that want personal information in order to be anti-discriminatory- (one was asking for my sexuality!) and got nowhere with them.

It is sooo depressing to realise that all I need to ensure I get an interview are mobility problems or some sort of sensory deprivation loss!

*Oops don’t know what happened there, I said the same thing to my mum concerning the guaranteed interview policy the other day but here it’s turned into some sarcastic, mildly offensive, witless ramble. I apologise.*

15 07 2008

would short-sightedness count as sensory desprivation loss?

as for mobility, you have been known to spend entire days on one small patch of bed 😛

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