When Trash Ruled the World…

6 06 2008

So it begins. Summer is finally here. After many weeks of waiting, we need wait no longer. Sorry folks, whilst Wimbledon remains a week away, the television trash that is Big Brother has returned to occupy pretty much all of Channel 4’s programming until August.

Now I really dislike such programmes. This dislike isn’t reserved exclusively for BB, no, I dislike all reality TV. My tastes are suited to something with a bit more…effort. Cheap, easy television is, in my opinion, rubbish. Granted when BB was new, it was a revolutionary concept, an interesting social study into relationships and how people interact. Now the format is old, desperately old. Despite attempts at sprucing it up (making Big Brother more and more insanely evil, or putting in as many freaky people as is possible), the show, to my mind at any rate a sad indication of the nature of our celebrity fuelled culture.

Andy Warhol once proclaimed that everyone should have 15 minutes of fame. However, if we are to believe the television listings, the people in the new house probably get about 18 weeks of initial coverage. And then whatever else they can get, mainly through the pages of weekly gossip magazines.

Take this years batch of specially collected folk. They include a blind man and an albino guy. Is this good television? Really? To me it’s an advanced form of the olden day freak shows. The only difference is there are cameras. Offer me the chance to watch something else (even a BBC Four documentary) and I would snap your hand off to avoid watching BB.

What amazes me though is that it remains so popular. Quite why so many people avidly watch a bunch of nobodies sleeping is beyond my comprehension I’m afraid. There is nothing entertaining about it. It is a group of people. They eat, sleep and s**t. Yet so many people find this fascinating. Why? What is so enthralling about people living in a contained environment and being subjected to various mental trials? If it were guinea pigs, the animal rights protestors would have a field day.

I’m going to stop there, partly because I am annoying myself too much, and partly because I don’t want to bore you. Suffice it to say, I will strive to avoid Channel 4 for the next few months. I just wish more people thought like this, so that the programme could be cancelled due to declining viewing figures. Trouble is, they don’t.




2 responses

6 06 2008

“They include a blind man and an albino guy. Is this good television? Really? To me it’s an advanced form of the olden day freak shows.”

The blind and albinos are freaks? Oh dear.

They volunteered for it. Their choice. Putting a blind person on Big Brother is no more a freak show than David Blunkett being in the House of Commons. Or on that Gordon Ramsey shit we had to watch the other night.

I think you may want to rephrase the above…

7 06 2008

Hmmm, true, it does sound slightly wrong, I will admit. What I was trying to say was that including them, and then subjecting them to the sort of trials and tribulations that the contestants have to face seems, I think to be akin to a freak show.
Plus, freak shows, as they were in the ‘good old days’ were only made of people who were different, be it very tall, short, fat, thin, albino, or whatever. The comment was not saying that these people are freaks, but at some point in history they would have been considered it.
And yes, they did volunteer. But there were, I’m willing to bet, thousands of applicants. The producers selected those specifically because it would be another way of drawing in the crowd (just like such shows from yester-year).

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