Generation Gap…

2 06 2008

Yesterday we had a family and friends party at home. Naturally there were young kids who needed entertaining throughout the course of the afternoon. At some point during the day the old (great) console that was the Nintendo 64 got brought out, dusted down, and plugged in. It was at this stage though one really begins to feel old, as one of kids stared at the machine, baffled by cartridges instead of cd’s, baffled by three pronged controllers, and baffled by the slightly rough appearance of the Mario characters which popped up on the screen.

It took some time to convince him that this really was the past of gaming, and a glorious past at that. As various games got blown down (as you used to have to do sometimes to get the game to play) the tale of the N64 was told. It then struck me, the console was about 10 years old. That’s all. Just 10. Which is about half my life. In that time the various console wars have seen the end of cumbersome cartridges in favour of cd’s (easier to hold, but also to damage), the machines themselves have become something very fanciful, almost as though the look of the machine is equally, if not more, important than the quality of the games. As for the games themselves, gone are the 64-bit images in favour of smooth, beautiful curves and detailed gameplay. In all this though, I maintain, that the best game the clever game designer people made was done 10 years ago. The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time was but one of the games that we found.  This was the glorious past of gaming, and was something memorable.

As the kids looked on, childhood was relived with many gaming memories. Clearly baffled by the retro nature of the gaming and the stiff joysticks the kids soon disappeared back outside, and promptly found a football. Some things, it seems, never change. Much to my relief.




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4 06 2008

Blimey Luke, When are you going offer round the Werthers?

4 06 2008

*to :-S

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