The Consequence of the Wrong Action…

21 03 2008

This will be brief, and to the point. I have mentioned on here and on the Strawberry why I think deporting Ama Sumani may have been the wrong call. I stand by that. At least though, the British officials’ mistake was short lived.

Ms Sumani died on Wednesday.

She died just hours after being told that people had found her doctors to treat her condition. She is survived by two children, aged 16 and 7.

I am hopeful that the case of Ama Sumani will highlight some things about our systems in what, if you believe things, is meant to be the ‘democratic west’.

Rest In Peace Ama.




2 responses

23 05 2008

The deportation of Ama Sumani (described by Lin Homer, chief executive of the Border & Immigration Agency, as “not exceptional”) not only shows a total lack of compassion, it suggests a vindictive cruelty in the methodology of the Border & Immigration Agency.

By denying her the drugs she needed & the support people were willing to give, the Border & Immigration Agency are guilty of no less than culpable homicide.

It is horrific that someone receiving treatment vital to their survival can be removed from hospital against their will. What is chilling is that this is the operational practice of a government funded executive agency.

24 05 2008

Yeah, it is.

Don’t you support private healthcare Luke?

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