Chitter Blatter…

9 03 2008

Right, now I dislike Sepp Blatter. A lot. I think he’s just another suit in the world of football.  He frequently looks completely out of his depth, yet he still insists on sticking his nose into lots of different affairs.

Including the Martin Taylor affair. Now I stand very much on the side of Taylor here. I think it was a freak accident which broke Eduardo’s leg. I think he is genuinely remorseful about the whole affair. And I think he has his punishment, along with the guilt for the next 9 months or so. Basically, I would imagine that Taylor will not be able to escape his guilt until Eduardo is back playing and scoring goals for both club and country.  Taylor has apologised to Eduardo personally, he has apologised through the press. His manager Alex McLeish has apologised for the tackle. The Arsenal players (including Adebayor) have stated that they are willing to forgive Taylor for the tackle, accepting there was not the intent to break Eduardo’s leg. I think even Arsene Wenger has accepted it was just a freak accident. This, I feel, should be the end of the story.

Not though, if you are Sepp Blatter. Oh no.  Blatter, with another one of his great pearls of wisdom has decided that this isn’t the end of the matter. He thinks FIFA should intervene and impose a longer ban on Taylor.

Here are just some of Blatter’s comments:

“You have to have respect and what we witnessed there has nothing to do with football” 

“This is to destroy another player, and that is not the aim of our game” 

“Such players should not only be suspended for a certain time, they should be banned until they have realised they have done something absolutely wrong” 

 Blatter is keen to point the finger at Taylor and make an example of him. However I feel that he is jumping on the witch-hunting band-wagon. To me, the last quote is the worst. I firmly believe Taylor knows he has done something bad. I believe he is genuinely sorry for it.

With all due respect, Blatter doesn’t appear to know what he is talking about. At all. He spouts off about people and situations when he doesn’t know the full picture. To accuse someone of deliberately trying to injure someone else in that manner is digusting. And it is why Wenger retracted his post match statement.

For me, Blatter needs to look at himself and ask two things. Firstly does he believe that Martin Taylor actually went out onto that football pitch with the intent of seriously hurting Eduardo? Secondly does it do any good for him to stick his oar in and reinflame the situation as it looked to be dying down?

I think the answer to both questions is no. Blatter, however, does not seem to realise this.




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