Anyone fancy giving me a job?

5 03 2008

As I am very much on the lookout for work following the end of my university studies, I was pleased to see this news floating around.

The minimum wage has helped very many people in work earn enough money to live on even when everything else has been taken away. Whilst trying to work out how much money I would have to survive next year, obviously the only benchmark I had was the minimum wage. This increase, albeit by only 21p, is mcuh welcomed. What irks me though is that as a youngster for my academic year, if earning minimum wage, I would be stuck at the £4.77 level as opposed to people in the same year earning £5.73. That whole pound difference really does add up.  It’s about £8 a day. That’s £40 a week. To me, that’s a lot of money to be missing out on just because my birthday is in August.

Leaving my issues aside for a moment though, I was surprised to find out that there were still some 150,000 people being paid under the minimum wage. Personally I don’t think I would stand for it, but I realise that circumstances dictate otherwise. If you need the work, you are glad of the income, and if you earn £5225pa, you avoid income tax. The question is whether you could live on that much a year. Especially with costs rising all the time.

I will return to my initial musings then: is there anyone out there who reads this that fancies giving me a job?

No? Damn…




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13 03 2008

I live on less than that!! albeit with sudent discounts and a fuck off overdraft, but it can be done.

and yes the age diff is stupid and annoying. The original point of it was to encourage kids to stay in study longer, but now that the leaving age is 18, and in situations such as yours, or if youre studying anyway, its obsolete.

29 06 2008
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