To Blog or not to Blog?

18 02 2008

That is the question.

I was having a discussion with one of my weird housemates last night about the nature of blogging. The implications which he made about the ‘arrogance’ of bloggers startled me somewhat. That blogging was a pasttime which served to reinforce a bigoted opinion of oneself served to make me consider my own approach to blogging. Why do I do it? What do I hope to achieve, and why should anyone care what I think about issue x or y?

Honestly, I do not buy into the whole idea that bloggers are arrogant. I maintain that, in a society which champions free speech, blogging is but another tool in which this should be allowed. If the medium is there for me to talk about things, then why should I not use it? This does not make me arrogant, it makes me opinionated. Obviously there is a difference.

Moving on then to the issue of why I blog. Honestly, I do not care who reads what I write, I would love there to be some form of discussion about the topics I blog about, but being only small fry at the moment, this is obviously limited. I blog because I want to. I express myself far better ( in my opinion) in written word than I do in spoken word. Blogging gives me a way of expressing my own opinion fluently, and in a careful and considered manner. It is rather like a public diary, my thoughts, and opinions on the crazy world in which we live.

So to my weird housemate (in the knowledge that he will read this at some point), let us into your realm. Why and where do you blog? Let us in and engage with us about the random stuff that happens in your blog.




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