Smoking through the tape…

15 02 2008

Now I dislike red tape. A lot. It largely unnecessary, especially in the quantities in which it is seen in todays society. Yet this story is strangely satisfying. Maybe it is just because I really dislike smokers. Maybe it is because I think people should take better care of themselves. Or maybe it is because I actually like red tape when it affects me positively.

What ever the reason for it, I strongly approve of this suggestion. I am fed up of smokers moaning about ‘infringment of rights’, ‘victimisation’ and all that sort of rubbish. Smoking is wrong on so many levels that it’s painful (literally in most cases). And yet millions continue to do it. Facebook, the great social indicator of our time, reliably informs me that almost twice as many people are in favour of the smoking ban as are opposed to it. However, there is still a shoking number (23,000) of people who feel they need to insist upon filling bars, pubs and clubs with smoke.

The argument that the ban is victimising smokers is, quite frankly, rubbish. I, as a non-smoker, feel victimised by smokers who insist upon blowing smoke all over me as I walk into a pub. I, as an asthmatic, am more conscious of the effects of second hand smoke than some. Yet there are still some ignorant people (really resisting the urge to swear at this point!) who think that it is a good idea to be allowed to smoke.

The basic argument that smokers have is it’s my life, screw everyone else. The trouble is, that is exactly what they are doing. By smoking, they are by definition screwing everyone around them through passive smoking.

I will stop this rant here because there is so much I could say, but I want to refrain from using ‘colourful’ language. When it comes to smoking, I am firmly in favour of more and more red tape, just so my life is not affected by those ignorant, arrogant prats who feel they have been ‘victimised’ because they have been sent outside to kill themselves.




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15 02 2008

I quite agree with you. The smoking permits are a great idea, and the smoking ban is one of the best laws to be introduced in this country. I think the the permits would work without the £10 fee, which would then stop the whining pro-smoking lobby from calling it a “stealth tax”. £10 a year isn’t going to deter many smokers, given the amount of money they already waste of their filthy habit. But having to make a conscious decision to fill in a form each year will help people to quit. It will also stop sales to under 18s, and the licences can be revoked from people who break no-smoking laws, or who cause disorder outside pubs.

20 02 2008

I also agree, and i do hope that at least the intention behind the ‘permit’ was not to collect the money as some have suggested but to make it slightly more difficult to actually access cigarettes, the £10 is merely there to cover the costs.

Just came across your blog today, keep up with the good work – have blog-rolled you.

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