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14 02 2008

Whilst trawling through the quite frankly petty debate that is occurring on both the BULS and BUCF blogs, one thought occurred to me more than anything else.

The sheer triviality of it all.

There was one quote though that stitched me up: “I will walk the streets until I am without shoes to ensure that a Conservative Government remains a thing of the past and never a thing of the future”. Right.

Yes. For the time being the Conservatives are a thing of the past. However, it is a fools hope that they will stay that way. Whether it be in a year, five years or ten years, I can predict with complete confidence that the Conservatives will be the governing party of Britain again. Just like I can predict that Labour will be in power again in the future too.

It’s called cyclical history. These things come round. If they didn’t change then we surely would have had the same government since the 1700’s. And as this is such a silly idea, I’m not going to entertain it further.

Holding out the hope that Labour can, effectively, monopolise the government to the stage whereby the Conservatives cannot ever hold out the hope of coming back into power is a painfully funny suggestion. Such a proposal, if to be taken seriously, would mean that we have a Labour controlled dictatorship (albeit a warped one whereby they were elected and there was a freedom of choice amongst the voters).

The petty fighting that is going on amongst the two groups- the future of each party nonetheless- is indicative of the way the politics is going. Personality politics is too much of an issue nowadays, and it detracts from the more important issues of exactly what either party can offer the people of Britain. And it is here where the problems lie. Neither side has anything ‘new’ and ‘substantial’ to offer voters. Labour, as the party in government, are churning out ‘common sense’ bills and laws, and are not (other than losing lots of data and mismanaging money) doing anything to really hack off the public. Consequently, the Conservatives are not able to offer anything to compete and they are stuck between a rock (of offering the same as Labour, albeit with a more charismatic leader) and a hard place (of offering more radical policies which may alienate the fickle middle ground voters).

This isn’t a healthy way for the country to be, I don’t think. But it was something of an inevitability of our party system (which, for all intents and purposes is a two party one) since the dawn of mass politics.

I’m left hoping that both sides will get back to trying to work out some sort of policy, rather than playing the personality card.

Blackadder: “We in the Adder party are going to fight this campaign on issues, not personalities”

Interviewer: “Why is that?”

Blackadder: “Because our candidate doesn’t have a personality”

Is this the way politics should really be?




2 responses

14 02 2008

I couldn’t agree with you anymore!! It has been all rather trivial.

I think your points are extremely valid.

I think it was Henry Kissinger who said, ‘Student Politics is so viscious because the stakes are so little.’

Never truer words spoken!!

17 02 2008

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