The right man?

12 02 2008

I notice on the Beeb that Dwain Chambers has been included in GB’s squad for the upcoming world championships. Chambers, who was banned from running due to a failed drugs test two years ago, has completed a turnaround in his own fortunes. And I agree with it. Yes, he did fail that test. Yes he did take banned substances to improve his performance. And yes, he has done his time. Chambers was one of British athletics’ leading lights until he decided he needed THG to help him improve his own performance further. He has been frozen out of athletics for two years, and he is back.

If he is the best man, then he should be selected. It really is that simple. He will not make the same mistakes again, and, as a sprinter, time is not on his side. Sprinters are young, fit and keen. Chambers, at 29, is surely approaching the latter stages of his running career. Due to this fact, I maintain that he will not make the same mistakes again. He will be putting everything into training for the championships, safe in the knowledge that he will not be selected for the Olympics due to his past crimes.

Now I do not advocate taking drugs at all, least of all performance enhancers. But Chambers has done the time for the crime. He has spent two years trying to salvage his career, and the news today is indicative of the work and effort he must have put in to get to somewhere near the top of the discipline.




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