The World-wide game…

11 02 2008

There is one thing which concerned me most about the FA’s recent proposals for the English game. In case you do not know what is happening, the full story is here. But what gets to me is that of the 20 managers in the league, only 2 have come out and said that it’s a bad idea. The others have either agreed with the proposals, or have remained non-committal.

For me, the plan is just a stupid one, made to further inflate the wallets of the fat cats at the FA. Will the fans feel the benefits? Almost certainly not in Britain, and it is unlikely further around the globe too. The ‘big four’ will attract big crowds, but if the fixture list throws up, for example, Middlesborough vs Portsmouth, do the fans in America, Asia or Africa really want to see these teams devoid as they are of ‘big name’ players? I cannot imagine so.

The true fans are the ones who fill the terraces every Saturday. They are, and will remain, the corner-stone of the game. They should be who we are concerned with in all of this, not those FA officials, who, with little real experience in the game, have, in their infinite wisdom, decided that this is a good idea.

If the desire for international matches is still around after the fans have been asked, why not entertain the idea of having the Community Shield game abroad? This is the most expendable game there is in English football (although it is closely followed by the Carling Cup), so it would make sense to offload that first, before the thoughts about playing an international round of matches are ever really properly entertained again.




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