Losing my religion…

11 02 2008

Is quite an apt song for Rowan Williams to be listening to at the moment it seems. However, I feel a bit sorry for him. Yes he is a bumbling fool. Yes he doesn’t know how to handle the press. And yes, he very often says the wrong things. But I genuinely believe his head is in the right place.

Take the current row over Sharia law. From what I can gather, he merely suggested that it was a possibility that Britain could adopt the law in the future. I do not think he was advocating it, nor do I think he was necessarily saying it was a good thing. What he thinks is that it may become something necessary to encourage religious cooperation in Britain.

I completely dislike religion, I’m sure it causes too many conflicts, and problems. This row is but another one. I think though that in the case of Archbishop Williams, the press have blown this out of all proportion.  In a similar way, if I suggest that I believe that, for example, Fascism is a good thing, some will seize upon that and suggest that I’m a firm advocate of killing jews and Hitler. Which of course, I’m not. But those in the press keen for a good story, would not hesitate about taking this and running with it. As they have done with good old Rowan.

Apart from those odd eyebrows, Rowan’s heart is in the right place, so I say let it go. There is too much in the way of religious discontent in the rest of the world for it to become a big issue here.




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