Welcome to the field…

9 02 2008

Coming, as I do, from another blog, this step into the individual blogging sphere, is, from my point of view, a little overdue. The creative freedom that having my own blog allows is something liberating, as I felt a degree of staleness about the blog I used to share with a friend.

My blogs have tended to be controversial, they have tended to be (I think) strong minded, and they have tended to be topical. Nothing will change here.  I will continue to write in the same rash, unconsidered manner I always have, and then attempt to justify my opinions later on. It is my hope to update this as frequently as I can, and I shall try to keep the posts either depressingly critical of everything, or comical, with a touch of sarcastic wit thrown in for good measure.

To quote the much loved Blackadder, “this is, as they say, it”.




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