Should we be happy?

9 02 2008

As a politically aware (but not politically active) student, this week has been an interesting one to watch. Due to government legislation, our Guild of Students has had to get 10% of the student population to vote to save the Guild as it is in its current form. I was very pessimistic about this being achieved. Given the low turnout in other Guild elections, I wasn’t holding my breath that roughly 3000 votes would be achieved in five days.

Yet it was. Not just that, they apparently managed to gain almost 1000 more votes than they required.

I don’t know whether I’m happy or not about this news. Yes, it is a good thing that the Guild managed to gather so many votes, it is a sign that student apathy does not completely rule(despite my thoughts). And yet surely it is a bad thing that people are delighted that they managed to convince just over 10% of the student body to vote, leaving the other apathetic 80-odd% wallowing in their own self ignorance.

I am glad that the Guild has managed to survive, and am aware that it must change its ways to encourage more participation with the student body as a whole. This whole incident should serve as a warning sign to those in the Guild, they should take note of the situation and the rather tense nature of the election.

Equally importantly though, this should act as an encouragement to them. They have managed to convince people to vote in numbers which I was not alone in thinking were beyond them at the start of the week. If one weeks work can yield such results, surely a more concerted effort can be made to attract more people to use the guild as a student government, rather than seeing it in its current guise.

The only way is up it seems. Watch this space…




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